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The first training program of its kind for individuals looking to get an apprenticeship in the Electric Utility Industry.

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When It Comes To Careers

The Best Kept Secret

This course offers insight of how to land an Apprenticeship in the Electric Utility Industry. We have designed and priced this course for everybody. No technical knowledge is required to take this course. We teach you how to get an Apprenticeship. Once you secure your Apprenticeship with a company, the formal and technical on the job training will be given to you over the next 3-5 years.

Benefits Of The Industry

Interested in learning more? Make sure to signup for our free webinar. Learn everything you need to know about the Electric Utility Industry as well as apprentice positions. Start making money in an adaptable and thriving industry.  

Incredible Job Security

Starting Salaries Over $100,000 during your Apprenticeship

Amazing Health and Retirement benefits

This industry offers the highest pay for blue collar workers

Stimulating and Exciting Day-to-day Work. Never in a Cubicle

A Huge & Even Growing Necessity For Qualified Workers And here’s the best part….

There is NO requirement for a four year degree!

We are 95% cheaper than traditional trade schools.

What We Teach You

High Voltage Academy wants to get you into an apprenticeship fast.  We teach you everything you need to know to get hired.  Make sure to enroll TODAY and get started on your career in the electrical utility industry.

Apprentice Positions Are Increasing

Many apprentice positions are going to become available. It is estimated that 40% of the skilled workforce in this industry will retire in the next two years.

Land An Apprenticeship Fast

This course teaches the fastest way to land an Apprenticeship in the Electric Utility Industry.

A deep dive into the different positions and opportunities available in the industry.

A comprehensive look into "Electric Utility work environment."

We Go Beyond Teaching you what trade schools claim you can learn in textbooks.

The insider secrets to improving your chances of landing an apprenticeship.

Complete access to professional memberships and the right resume builder tools.

An exclusive “Cheat Sheet” Study Guide for the physical, math, and aptitude test.

Different Job Briefings.

A vast overview of the most important tools that you need for the job.

Insight into Rigging 101 and live line work basics.

How to WOW your potential manager, and crush the interview process.

A real and raw breakdown of what to expect in your career.

Free Apprenticeship Guide

Get our free step by step guide to landing an Apprenticeship in the Electric Utility Industry

High Voltage Academy Modules


Welcome to the Electrical Utility Industry


Power Delivery 101


Electrical Safety


Construction and Tools


How to Get More Qualified


How to Build a Great Resume


Your Study Guide for the Physical, Math, & Aptitude Test


Final steps


What to Expect Once You’re Hired


Be the Best

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Scott Kolberg

Scott is currently working in the Substation department with a local Municipality as a Journeyman Substation Worker. He has over twenty years working in the Industry. Starting off as Helper, he then landed an Apprenticeship within the Substation Department. After successfully completing his Apprenticeship, he now enjoys the benefits of being Journeyman in his industry. Scott has trained Apprentices over his career and been part of the selection process of hiring new Apprentices. With years of experience and knowledge, he now offers insight of how others can get into this industry.

John Deschaine

John Deschaine is a retired Line Superintendent with over thirty years of experience in the Electric Utility business. He’s held multiple positions inside the trade such as Electric Helper, Apprentice Lineman, Journey Lineman and Line Working Supervisor. Also, John spent over a decade on the management side of the utility house as a Assistant Line Superintendent, Line Superintendent, Substation Superintendent and System Operations Superintendent where he had anywhere from five to twenty five direct reports. He has extensive hiring practice knowledge and has sat on his Utility’s Apprentice committee for twenty-five years.

John loves this trade and grew up a lineman’s son spending parts of his summers riding along with his dad in the foreman truck and watching line crews at work. John decided early on to follow in his father’s footsteps and chose linework as his career path. He states that he never regrets making that decision and that the trade has been very good to him and his family over the years. Today, John’s son is an apprentice lineman, keeping the family tradition going strong.


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Yes, There has never been a better time to get into this industry. Demand is high.​

Yes, depending on which company you work for, you could get up to 1,000 plus hours a year of overtime.